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Employee on the back of a moving van.

Going the Extra Mile

Disaster Restoration Services in San Diego, CA

When a flood strikes or a pipe bursts, one can never really be prepared. That's why our highly trained professionals are ready 24/7 to mobilize for any disaster restoration need! Our teams undergo extensive training and are committed to a job done with excellence, efficiency, and care. 

Employee on the back of a moving van.

Going the Extra Mile

Disaster Restoration Services in San Diego, CA

When a flood strikes or a pipe bursts, one can never really be prepared. That's why our highly trained professionals are ready 24/7 to mobilize for any disaster restoration need! Our teams undergo extensive training and are committed to a job done with excellence, efficiency, and care. 

Green SERVPRO van getting gas.

Our Team Will Travel To Help After Major Events

Did you know that our Disaster Recovery Team will travel to surrounding states to assist after major fire or storm events? Though we are dedicated to being available to help our San Diego community, we are also dedicated to being a source of assistance to our neighboring states in times of need!

Two team members in action.

Disaster Restoration Experts in San Diego

When you call our SERVPRO of San Diego East team to help you after a water, fire, or storm damage event, you can trust that highly trained, experienced, and equipped professionals will arrive at your loss site anytime 24/7 and take care of all the cleanup and restoration needed as efficiently as possible!

Burned stove.

Aftermath Of A Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are very common, especially during the holiday season. If a fire breaks out in your kitchen, the obvious priority should be the safety of you and others on your property. Once the flames have been put out, you can count on our SERVPRO team to be there to help with all the fire cleanup!

Black soot on kitchen cabinets.

Soot & Smoke Removal

The black soot left behind after a fire can be very difficult to remove properly. The smoke odor is also very difficult to clean up. Our SERVPRO of San Diego East team can take care of all your fire, soot, and smoke damage cleanup!

Team member setting up drying equipment.

Water Damage in San Diego Office

Our SERVPRO of San Diego East team is working hard to set up the drying equipment in this office building in San Diego after the property suffered damage from a water leak.

Team member on floor smiling.

Happy To Serve Our San Diego Community

Our SERVPRO of San Diego East team is happy to serve our San Diego community. Whether it's water, fire, or mold damage, our team can quickly respond around the clock and get to work on your residential or commercial loss!

Warren Conner retired Navy Seal

Everyday is a Day of Improvement

Warren Conner is Production Manager and Owner of SERVPRO of San Diego East. Everyday we have "WIP" meetings which stand for Work In Progress. During these meetings we discuss how jobs are going. Our production manager goes above and beyond and makes sure to teach the team something new everyday, whether that is a new process or ways to implement excellence.

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SERVPRO team using cleaning equipment

Putting SERVPRO Equipment to the Test

The SERVPRO of San Diego East team is putting their equipment to the test. Our equipment does miracles - we have been practicing on some of our employers cars in order to better prepare ourselves for carpet cleaning jobs. 

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technician setting up containment from water damage

Water Damage, San Diego, CA | SERVPRO San Diego East

Our Technician Andrew is setting up containment inside a home that experienced water damage from the heavy rainstorms. Containments are important to isolate areas from being further affected or to separate affected areas from the rest of the home.

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Production Technician wearing face mask

Happy Birthday Shout Out

Happy Birthday to Production Technician Joel. Joel is so much fun to be around, even 10 feet above the air he is smiling. 

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male production manager smiling after a muck out job

Crawling in Sewage

This is what techs looks like after a muck out job - not pretty. A muck out job sometimes requires going into a crawl space that is wet from sewage or rain water. Like our production manager says “a muck out job always comes with a dead rat.” Shout out to all of our brave technicians for taking on these jobs.

SERVPRO dog laying on ground looking out the clear glass door

Earth Day Looks Different this Year

It is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and it looks a bit different this year. Although COVID-19 has been a testing time for our community let's appreciate the reduced pollution, re-emerging wildlife, and minimal carbon dioxide emissions. How are you spending Earth Day this year?

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SERVPRO of San Diego East technician outside in the rain.

Rainy, Rainy Days

Even though San Diego county and many other cities in California are practicing social distancing, SERVPRO of San Diego East is still available for any services you may need. San Diego has been experiencing heavy rain if you have been impacted by this give us a call for an inspection.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East co owner posing with his father and son

Happy Birthday Warren

Today April 8th, is none other than business owner Warren Conner’s birthday. Our team describes him as “lionhearted,” “the kindest man they know,” “hard working, admirable, focused,” “a man of honor and dignity,” another teammate said “the way he seeks to love people by honoring them is something really rare.” And we can’t agree more that Warren is a rare, extraordinary man. We are so glad to have him in our lives.

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SERVPRO of Mid-City team demolishing

We are an Essential Business

We are a 24/7 emergency cleanup and restoration service. We are considered an essential business during COVID-19. We are pleased to be serving during these difficult times.

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servpro of san diego east water flood rain office experts


SERVPRO Ready is our motto. You may have noticed we always wear green; not just on St. Patrick’s Day. Wearing a uniform helps us be unified in franchise and also helps our customers best identify us.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East technician posing with cleaning supplies

Times like these Require Sanitary Precautions

Since our industry involves going in and out of people’s homes and properties. We want you to be rest assured that we are taking sanitary precautions. Our services also involve disinfecting; if you believe you are at risk for the coronavirus don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (619) 280-2377.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East Team getting the truck prepared for water damge

Flood Ready

Starting on a water damage loss job begins with our traveling cargo. Since the production technicians are always moving around the San Diego, CA area it is important to be prepared for what is to come. In our vans we make sure to have be ready for any flood nearby as well as equipment to extract water to be ready for our customers.

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servpro of san diego east technician demolishing bathroom

Fun Demo Day

This residence located in San Diego, CA had a huge leak coming from the upper levels of the home. Once the home is dried up it is then time for demo day. The production techs sure had fun on this demo day.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East Production Technician Warren Conner retired navy seal

Expert in Team Management

Warren Conner is an expert at team management. We have WIP (work in progress) meetings everyday to ensure tasks are delegated properly. Every meeting is a learning moment to improve on skills.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East production team demo day

Ultimate Demo Day

Our production team has been working very hard in getting this business to its bare bones. A couple months ago this particular business owner had a restroom water leak spread into the lower level. The pipe burst which caused a huge surplus of water exposing the infrastructure to mold.

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Two male SERVPRO San Diego East employees posing for a birthday picture

Birthday Boys!

How often do you have two employees share the same birthday? Not often. We love sharing the birthdays of our employees because without them the world would not be the same.

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SERVPRO San Diego East tech taking down bars from commercial building

Tech Bringing It Down!

SERVPRO of San Diego East is on another level - literally. We have been in business for 10 months. Woah! Time just keeps on flying. So much growth has happened since we opened doors. We are so thankful for our employees willingness to learn and God’s provision and grace over us.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East office personal learning new skills

A Learning Moment

This week we had the opportunity to learn from the best and our very own Estimator and Project Manager, Sean Foley. Sean taught the office and production team how to draft floor plans to better understand our customer’s restoration process.

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SERVPRO of San Diego East mold repair

Small Spaces & Mold - No Problem

Mold can sometimes be a dangerous situation. SERVPRO of Mid-City San Diego production technician geared up ready to spray black mold in a home with limited space.

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Two SERVPRO San Diego East employees

Our Community is our Work Culture

We are so thankful to be part of a community of believers. Our estimator Sean Foley couldn’t have said it best “Welcome to SERVPRO APC.” We are so grateful to work alongside the members of our church.

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Production Technician monitoring moisture on a wall

Moisture monitoring - the key to successful drying

SERVPRO of San Diego East Production Technician Isaac monitoring the walls to a home. Good news, it's almost dry - which means the tenant can finally go back to normal living.

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Estimator of water damage restoration on site for a job

SERVPRO of San Diego East estimator out on a Large Job

SERVPRO of San Diego East's estimator Sean looking at the loss associated with the water damage. This was a huge undertaking as many people and companies within the water damage restoration industry were involved.

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Crew member packing back items.

Crew member packing back items.

Our File Coordinator took the day off to help pack back items after a water line burst in a community center. The reason SERVPRO of San Diego East packs out items is to ensure there is no further damage to them.

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Water damage restoration holiday party

The Holidays Bring out The Best Cheer

Owner and Production Manager Warren Conner (in the middle) ready to go tackle all the water damage repairs along with his team Vivian and Samson. SERVPRO of San Diego East is committed in providing 24/7 service. That means you get to rest while we do the work.


Christmas tree lights on fire

Christmas Lights Spark The Holidays

Christmas lights sure bring out the holiday spirits. Make sure to follow safe practices while decorating. Nothing is worth more than your safety. If in case this is your situation know that small fire damages can be restored. Contact SERVPRO of San Diego East.

Elf on the shelf looking at you

Our Holiday Culture

Here at SERVPRO of San Diego East we are not only committed to creating an atmosphere of professionalism and knowledge. But we also want to establish an environment of culture. Our employees are often described as "above and beyond" or "great attitude." The list goes on. This all starts in the office.

Fire damage caused by chimney

Holiday Disaster

There's a lot of stress and a lot of disasters around the holiday season. SERVPRO of San Diego East is committed to putting out your stress. Leave the fire damage in our hands while you celebrate with your family.

SERVPRO of San Diego East team packing out after a storm

Our Production Team Packing Out After a Storm

When a storm has hit your house the first thing you want is for things to get fixed - you want your life back. Packing out can feel like a pointless task; but it's very crucial. Packing out is meant to prevent your belongings from further being damaged. It's one step closer to the fix. 

Production team member packing away belongings

Production Team Packing Out Commercial Business

With every flood, comes a flood of emotions. And when it’s your home, your business, or your belongings that become damaged, you don’t just want things clean. You want your life back, as well.

Ceiling destroyed from mold and water damage

Beautiful Disaster

Due to a restroom leak on the top floor the ceiling of this store needs water and mold damage repairs. The store has many ornaments and SERVPRO of San Diego East had to be very cautious while working on this project. Know that you can trust us with your valuables.

SERVPRO San Diego East production member getting equipment ready

Equipment Ready Equals Storm Ready

SERVPRO of San Diego East is prepared for all kinds of weather. There has been many occurrences of fire in San Diego, CA. But this week we are expecting two days of rain. Make sure to call us if you experience any weather trouble.

SERVPRO of San Diego East Team posing for a group photo

SERVPRO of San Diego East is Here to Serve You

SERVPRO of San Diego East team is here to serve all of your water, mold, and fire damages. We believe in the power of restoration along with conducting ourselves with positive attitudes.  

SERVPRO San Diego East crew member documenting loss

Great Technology, Quick Service

SERVPRO San Diego East uses efficient technology in order to allow your insurance claims process to move quickly down the line. Our production member is taking photos of the loss and quickly adding them to our software in order to make quick estimates and documentation of the damage.

SERVPRO San Diego East crew member happily working

Great Attitude Always Equates Great Service

Our SERVPRO San Diego East team member is happily working with a positive attitude under small constraints. We are not in control of the spaces that we help restore, but our attitudes are something we are always in control of. Here we are helping a commercial building with multiple small rooms.

SERVPRO San Diego East team setting up for containment

SERVPRO San Diego East Setting Up for Containment

The SERVPRO San Diego East team is setting up for containment after a massive water leak. This is a preventative procedure in order to avoid dust or residue from entering other rooms.

Neon sign that says "Call Now."

SERVPRO DRT! Roll out!

The DRT, Disaster Recovery Team, is always ready to roll out when disaster is ready to strike. SERVPRO wants to stay 10 steps ahead of any natural disaster, whether that be fire or storm. We are ready!

Strong winds blowing against palms trees.

We are here for you!

SERVPRO has it's very own Storm Disaster Team that is ready to help you! With Hurricane Dorian approaching the Florida coast, residents are preparing for the worst. And so are we. We are here for you!

SERVPRO staff meeting outside, near green SERVPRO vehicle.

'Work In Progress' Meetings.

SERVPRO of San Diego East believes in strong and clear communication. That is why every morning we meet, with the entire staff, to talk about what the day will look like. We want to make sure that our team is on the same page when it comes to serving our customers. 

A melted piece of metal fencing, burned from a small explosion.

The power of heat!

Fire is hot, the heat that it creates can burn and warp even the most powerful materials. This is a photo of the front of a gate that was burned from a small explosion. Metal can melt from 900 - 1500 degrees.  

SERVPRO truck hauling SERVPRO equipment

24 Hour Emergency Services

What makes SERVPRO of San Diego East stick out? We know that emergencies can happen at any time, which is why we make sure we are ready at any time! We are available 24/7 to provide excellent service in your time of need. Give us a call, any time! 619-280-2377

A restroom with a very wet floor

Flooded Bathroom

SERVPRO of San Diego East was called out to this home when the bathroom flooded. Our team did the proper mitigation and tore out the floor to insure everything dried properly!

Burnt files and photos

Damaged files from fire!

Fires are some of the worst disasters that can happen to us, it is almost impossible to salvage items from a fire, which means things like photos, birth certificates and important documents must be stored away well.

Unfortunately this customer did not take the proper step to store their documents. 

2x4 affected by termites.

Termites on commercial job!

This commercial job needed extra attention, after our technicians found the frames where riddled by termites. 

Our technicians took the proper steps to make sure the 2x4 was treated, they can now move on and continue the demolition process. 

Owners, Jaime and Warren Conner over looking a drying report.

The Best In The Business

SERVPRO of San Diego East is always looking to improve. SERVPRO of San Diego East's owner / production manager is always wanting to grow and learn when it comes to restoration and remediation. He makes sure to higher men and women who are also willing to learn and improve their skills!

Our senior technician using equipment properly

Handling Commercial Losses In San Diego

SERVPRO of San Diego East takes large commercial losses and the safety involved in them very seriously. As you can see here, our senior technician is using his safety equipment properly, during a large commercial loss.

One of our vehicles ready for action

Apartments and Condominiums

SERVPRO of San Diego East works closely with apartment managers and HOA's to ensure that if there is a loss in an apartment or condo complex, there are not more losses than needed!

The local San Diego fire department putting out a brush fire.

Fire Season

Fire season is almost over, but that doesn't mean you should not prepare for one! Be sure to carry the proper items if you ever are evacuated due to a large brush or forest fire!

Doppler Radar image of a storm hitting California

Storm Watch

San Diego is expecting some thunderstorms in the East County area this month! Be sure you stay safe while outdoors. Remember who to call if you ever have any storm or water damage! 

SERVPRO of San Diego East - 619-280-2377 

SERVPRO vehicles getting a tan in the San Diego sun

Beach Side Job

No matter the type of loss, SERVPRO of San Diego East wants to be there for you, regardless of the area you live! But if you happen to live on the beach, that is a bonus for our technicians! 

The Ocean Beach Pier being washed away

Ocean Beach Pier

One of San Diego's piers, Ocean Beach pier. damaged due to storm waves. The ocean is dangerous, but when a storm comes around, it can be deadly. Just earlier this year this pier was rebuilt and reopened! 

Our Production Manager cleaning up soot

Kitchen fire? No problem!

This customer had some tortillas catch on fire, which set her kitchen up in flames! Thankfully this customer, and her family, where all safe and our team showed up to remove the odor and soot!

Our technicians loading a customers belongings after a flood

Commercial flood

This flood happened at a commercial apartment complex, where a sprinkler system had burst on the third floor and seeped down to the first floor, our team was one the scene just in time to handle the situation appropriately. 

Our technicians packing out a customers home

Pack Out Pros

Here at SERVPRO of San Diego East, we not only the leaders in restoration business, but we also have some of the best pack out crews around, so if you need help storing your belongings you know who to call.

Our senior technician showing off his axe throwing skills!

Bulls Eye!

Whether it's mold remediation or water damage SERVPRO of San Diego East seems to always get get it right on the mark! 

We recently met the owners of "Battle Axe" San Diego and are in the works for a big event.

Containment being set up at a Jersey Mikes

Proper Containment

Here is a perfect example of what containment looks like, our techs set this up, so no dust or debris would be collected in unwanted areas. You can expect this same type of professionalism from all our technicians.

SERVPRO vehicles waiting to unload equipment

Commercial Water Remediation

SERVPRO San Diego East was first on the scene when the dentistry in the middle had a fire sprinkler malfunction.

The water had spread to the surrounding businesses. SERVPRO of San Diego East was able to handle the remediation before further damage occurred.  

Our senior technician taping off an affected carpeted area.

Mission Gorge - San Diego Water Damage

This water damage is from an apartment complex in the Mission Gorge area.

Our customer's toilet tank had broken while she was at work, 4 hours later she decided to take a look at her pet-cam and noticed water in her living room floor.

This photo is not from the customer's apartment but from her neighbor's apartment complex, the water had gone through the drywall and wet her neighbor's room. 

SERVPRO of San Diego East is now removing all the moisture from the customer's apartment and her three neighbor's apartments as well! There is no job too big for SERVPRO of San Diego East.

If you need water extraction, mitigation, and restoration from the SERVPRO of San Diego East! (619) 280-2377 

Part of our team posing for a photo.

We Are Dedicated To Our Community

The team at SERVPRO of San Diego East is dedicated to serve you! With backgrounds in the military, mission field, and cooperate world our team believes we can handle any damage or challenge you may have!